to have intelligent beings on a planet

they have the need for being valued

they have the need for rights

for human rights


not killing the climate rights

not wasting all the resources rights 

no garbage pile rights


the federal republic >>>

already has such a constitution
guaranteeing any and all environments
forced by the allied powers at the end of
you know …


and now imagine this ?
they are not complying to this ” basic law ”
being in existence for almost 70 years !

so all we will have to do >>>
is to find enough for a critical mass
to force this constitution into
a real ” basic law ” !

meaning >
that it be above any democratic insanity
just as this ” basic law ” is demanding
very specifically >>>

in article 1 / 19 and 20a

there by ending all capitalistic insanities
all this cannibalismo

all this wasting the environment
wasting all future human existence

and as soon as we have this achieved here in
then we have the power to talk about

in the united nations about this solution

and then nobody can escape this fake reality
any longer

but we will have the chance to creating
an authentic reality


and so authentic solutions

does any one have any better idea ?



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